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Keynote Speaker

Whether for self-confidence or body positivity,
Be inspired by the power woman & expert — live on stage!


NANÉE is not only a singer-songwriter, but also a Body Revolution ambassador  and inspires her audience as a keynote speaker and at workshops with her authenticity and positive energy. 

Especially since she combines her keynotes with German empowerment pop in her "EMPOWERMENT-Special"

"The combination of expert lecture, my own experiences and my live performed songs, makes the theory come alive. You can literally feel new possibilities opening up and the next step on your path suddenly seems very close," says NANÉE with shining eyes.

And NANÉE knows what she is talking about: 

As a 1.85 m tall woman who was born with the pigmentation disorder CMN, she had to learn to deal with not conforming to the norm.


"Especially as a teenager, it wasn't easy to stand out from the crowd. I was bullied and rejected and had to grow up to understand why.  Today I know: It's never too late to take the first step into your new life! All you need is a first outburst of courage!" says NANÉE.

In lectures and workshops on topics such as self-confidence, self-acceptance, body positivity and resilience, NANÉE is now passing on the experiences that she made on her way from an invisible wallflower to a self-confident power woman, singer and speaker.

Below you will find an overview of possible topics, which can be booked either as a Keynote, or as "EMPOWERMENT-Special"including live songs. The lectures are always customised according to the client's wishes:


"Du hast die Gabe, deine positive Energie nicht nur auszustrahlen, sondern auch zu übertragen. 

Die Form Deines Vortrages mit Musik, Informationen und eigenen Erfahrungen war spannend und kurzweilig.

„So what - ich bin, wie ich bin. Und wie ich bin, so bin ich gut!“ Positives ohne Ende."


2. Strategies for dealing with haters and bullies

1. From the shadowy existence to the limelight - the path was the goal
  • From the teenager who wanted to be invisible, to the powerful woman who is on stage as a singer and keynote speaker - NANÉE has found her way, no matter how long it took.

  • "I'm all the happier to now be able to share my experiences with others and maybe provide one or the other aha moment.

  • NANÉE takes viewers along on her journey, sharing her insights and the moments that ended up being game changers for her.

  • "Now as an adult I understand why I felt so insecure as a teenager and why it was so hard to get out of it. If I had known what I know now and used the tricks I know now, my life would have taken a different turn certainly. But if that were the case, I wouldn't be standing here today and could motivate others to go their own way," says NANEE with a laugh

  • The techniques that NANÉE teaches not only help in the short term, but can be the game changer to overcome your fears and set the course - towards a self-confident life and a new motivation to do your own thing.

2. Strategies for dealing with haters and bullies
  • Stupid sayings, hit! Right in the heart!  But does it have to be like this? NO! says NANÉE

  • NANÉE, herself bullied for years because of her appearance, knows what she is talking about: 
    "Especially as a teenager it was hard to be excluded. What I didn't know at the time: the sayings and the bullying had nothing to do with me as a person, but with the fact that as a teenager you tried to find your place and rejected everything strange or different It doesn't matter whether it's a big nose, glasses, the siblings' worn-out jeans, or a pigment disorder."

  • NANÉE combined her experiences from back then with the knowledge of today and developed a strategy that the bullies or the gogglers  takes the wind out of their sails.

  • "It's not so much about quick-wittedness as it is about understanding why the other person is reacting, how he/she is reacting and being aware of how we can change that."

  • Accompanied by clear examples and exercises, NANÉE provides a guide out of the role of victim and into a self-confident life. 

3. Just for Parents: Tips & Tricks for a Confident Child
  • This lecture is aimed at all parents of children who were born with optical peculiarities such as CMN, port wine stains, Vtiligo or, for example, a disability.


  • Dear parents, you must be strong now!
    If you are expecting a 10-point checklist that you can easily work through, we will unfortunately have to disappoint you.


  • In order to help your child gain more self-confidence in the long term, NANÉE starts the journey at the beginning. With you.

  • "Because I was born with the pigment disorder CMN myself, I can share my experiences from both a child's and an adult's point of view and know what helped me or could have helped me as a child to deal with my pigment disorder with confidence."

  • NANÉE gives an insight into how your behavior influences your child's self-confidence and how you can support your child positively. Child -friendly exercises for everyday life round off the lecture.

4. Self-confident employees for a strong company
  • As a company, you don't need "yes-wo:men" and "swimmers with the current".
    They need "outside the box thinkers" and "thinkers outside the box".

  • Self-confident employees dare to express their ideas and think in a solution-oriented manner. Those who can contribute their ideas are more motivated and also loyal to the company.

  • Speaker NANÉE approaches the topic from an unusual angle and gives a realistic lecture on promoting self-confidence among employees.

5. With the right attitude towards (company) success
  • Whether as a boss, employee, or family man, we express more with our posture than we realize and thus influence our counterpart and the conversation or negotiation

  • Using clear examples, NANÉE illuminates the background and provides practical exercises that are not only fun, but also effective.

6. We are perfect just the way we are
  • That's true, but why do so many people still struggle with their appearance? And how do I manage to accept myself as I am?

  • To this end, NANÉE takes a look at the myth of the "beauty ideal". What is THE ideal of beauty anyway? And what do we really like? And what do we need to accept ourselves as we are?  

  • Born with a pigment disorder herself, NANÉE had to deal with the fact that she didn't conform to the usual ideal of beauty from an early age. But does it even make sense to run after an  constantly changing "ideal image"?


  • "From my experience, beauty has very little to do with one's own reflection in the mirror, but rather with very individual values and beliefs. It often doesn't matter how we look, but rather how we perceive feedback and comments."
    NANÉE has worked out 8 basic points for this, which open up a new perspective on ourselves and others in a clear and humorous way.


  • "The insecurities I encounter often stem from the fact that many people are not even aware that it only takes a few basic insights to be able to see yourself in a completely different way." 
    But is there a "manual" that people with and without visible peculiarities can use equally?

NANÉE is convinced of this and in her keynote speech she shows basic points that are easy to implement and concrete guidelines that pave the way to independence and a new self-image  level. 

7. Happy to be different
  • Whether we find ourselves too fat / too thin, too tall / too short, were born with a genetic defect or whatever makes us stand out from the crowd. Each of us is perfect just the way he/she/it is and has the right to be happy.

  • But: How do you manage to endure the annoying looks and the whispering behind your back?  And why do people even look when they see something unusual? And what does all this have to do with saber-toothed tigers?

  • NANÉE answers these questions and more, looking behind the obvious.

  • "Because it's only when we understand why others are looking or whispering that we're able to change perspective and develop strategies for dealing with it in the future so that we can be as happy as we are."

  • NANÉE not only shows the underlying basics, but also how we unmask our avoidance strategies and manage to overcome them.
    "For many years, even when it was no longer medically necessary, I wore a turtleneck to hide my nevi, or I preferred not to go to the lake. It took me a while to realize the fear behind it and I could confront her consciously."

  • You will find out what helped her and why everyone should have an outburst of courage more often in order to be happy.




Thank you for your interest in NANÉE as a keynote speaker.

We look forward to your inquiry.

Thank you for dropping me a message!

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