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Press release

press text  Shorts:

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© Jessica Wittmann-Naun   /

   Nannette Emmerich

press text  Long:

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EP "A Thousand Colors" by NANÉE: about the courage to be yourself, freedom and the colorful diversity of life

With her second EP "A Thousand Colors" singer-songwriter NANÉE from Hamburg releases a musical exclamation point for tolerance and diversity. She convinces with pop poetry, inspired by real experiences. She doesn't jump on trend trains, but has been on her own journey for a long time. Because, looking back, NANÉE was already a Body Revolution activist before there was a name for it. Her EP is the result of her very own revolution and delivers songs that invite you to break out and pause and celebrate life in all its facets. But the way to the self-confident I was not easy for the artist.

She was born with the genetic defect CMN (Congenital Melanocytic Naevi). The pigment cells of the skin form a pattern with hundreds of liver spots - a challenge for them for a long time. A stay in San Francisco brought the turning point: riding a motorcycle on Route 66, the wind in your hair, the sun on your face. No turtleneck to cover up the flaws. Just be free. A feeling she didn't want to let go of.

After that, NANÉE emancipated herself as a musician. With her themes of self-acceptance, strengthening self-confidence and tolerance, she occupies a whole new music genre: "German Empowerment Pop".  Appropriately, at the end of 2021, VOX asked VOX to take part in the Female Empowerment theme week of "Shopping Queen", where she celebrated the TV premiere of her single "Go your way".

With "A Thousand Colors" NANÉE breaks away from the empty phrases of German pop and presents five inspiring and motivating songs. A mixture of driving beats and sensitive melodies, partly combined with a real Hammond B3 organ as a gospel borrowing. At their side: the musicians Manne Uhlig (producer, drums & keys), Jürgen Scholz (guitars), Jens Wrede (bass) and Martin Carbow (B3 organ & synth). NANÉE gives very personal insights and also carries her message as a Body Revolution activist musically.

NANÉE convinced her community with her passion and musical mix. So she was able to finance her EP through crowdfunding. "A Thousand Colors" will be released on 03/25/2022.

Press images

The attached press photos can be used freely for reporting on NANÉE if the photographer is named.

Photos: Elena Zaucke Photography

Landscape 01


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Fotos: Elena Zaucke Photography

Landscape 02


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Fotos: Elena Zaucke Photography

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Fotos: Elena Zaucke Photography

Portrait 01


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Fotos: Elena Zaucke Photography

Portrait 02


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Fotos: Elena Zaucke Photography

Portrait 03


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Fotos: Elena Zaucke Photography


Debut CD "Go your way!"

Release: October 11, 2019

GTIN / EAN / UPC: 4050215663602


Logo Nanée


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Logo Nanée


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Released January 21, 2022

Single "Be Free"
GTIN/EAN: 4064832796360

ISRC: DEZC62131651

Cover_Single-NANÉE_Frei sein (3000 x 3000 px).jpg

"Being free!" is: sharing moments, having good conversations, throwing a pinch of craziness into life instead of chasing after the next status symbol. get rid of ballast. Just be free.


"Let us be free, free as a child. Free, free, where dreams are possible. Free at last, free from all things, free from all constraints.”


press text

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Release March 4th, 2022

Single "Outbreak of Courage"

GTIN/EAN: 4064832796407

ISRC: DEZC62131654

Cover_Single-NANÉE_Mutausbruch (3000 x 3000 px).jpg

The magic of your own determination. Breaking out of the comfort zone and rediscovering yourself in the risk.

"Come on, let's have an outburst of courage, I'll let my fear go because I need to be free."

Because courage is rewarded!

With positive vibes, NANÉE declares war on doubts and focuses on a mantra:

"I am enough."


press text

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Release March 25th, 2022

5 track CD

"A Thousand Colors"

GTIN/EAN: 4064832749892

ISRC: DEZC62117164

Produktbild_EP TAUSEND FARBEN_Var 03-02.jpg

The 5-track EP "A Thousand Colors" is a homage to the diversity of life. Her community won her over, and she financed her EP through crowdfunding. Produced by Manne Uhlig, (GLEIS 8), the EP marks a stage in the development of a musician who breaks away from the empty phrases of German pop and takes up a whole new genre of music:

"German Empowerment Pop"


press text

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Single "Go Your Way!"

GTIN/EAN: 4064832661651

ISRC: DEZC62117164

Single-Cover_Geh Deinen Weg!_2021.08.10-min.jpg

"Go your way!" is a statement for tolerance and diversity. It should encourage people to go their own way and stand by themselves, no matter what others say! Regardless of what you look like, where you come from, what religion you belong to, or who you love. Because it is precisely this diversity that makes our world so colorful and livable.


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NANÉE is at your disposal for interviews

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