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Press release
Logo_HAUT Couture by NANÉE_2022.08.09 (1299 × 630 px).png

OUT NOW: HAUT Couture" - der Podcast mit NANÉE:

In dieser Podcast-Serie gibt NANÉE ihre Erfahrungen und Erkenntnisse weiter, die sie auf ihrer Reise zu mehr Selbstbewusstsein gemacht hat.

Damit andere ihren Weg zu mehr Selbstbewusstsein vielleicht etwas schneller finden, als sie selbst.

Press release

Press text 638 words

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© Regine Marxen

© Jessica Wittmann-Naun   /

   Nannette Emmerich

"It's never too late, go your own way!"

NANÉE's latest single including video will be released on 29.10.2021. ""Geh deinen Weg!" (Go your way!") is its title; it is an invitation to break out in courage. Human beings are bigger than the pigeonholes that others - or even they themselves - build for them. Because people do not conform to any norm. That is what makes them strong. That is what makes them beautiful. In her current single, NANÉE calls on people to break out of their pigeonholes, to break free from the chains that prevent them from going their own, self-determined way. Consequently, it is called "Geh Deinen Weg". It is a German-language pop song full of energy, somewhere between Silbermond and Rosenstolz. Although - those are pigeonholes too. NANÉE sings NANÉE. Full stop.

The subject of self-determination is, admittedly, not new. But NANÉE's song stands out. There is something that holds the listener, makes him curious. Maybe because the singer-songwriter from Hamburg knows exactly what she is singing about. She suffers from the rare genetic defect Congenital Melanocytic Nevi. Her countless moles combine to form a vivid pattern that adorns her body. For a long time, she felt this was a stigma that hindered her musical development. She simply wanted to be invisible. Until she travelled to San Francisco in the early 2000s. Looking beyond her own nose created an inner restlessness. There was more in her. That was the beginning: Nannette, as she is actually called, became NANÉE, first in mini steps, then in giant steps. "At first I lacked the courage to believe in my own talent," admits the artist, who is always dressed in gaudy shades of red. But then she suffered a burst of courage.


NANÉE began to emancipate herself as a musician, became part of a Hamburg soul and gospel choir, then front woman of a band. Out of the shadows, into the stage light. And she has fun doing it! Self-acceptance, strengthening self-confidence, tolerance for all those who do not conform to the so-called norm are her themes. Her debut EP was released in 2019, and she had many plans in mind. "I wanted to take off in 2020." Then came Corona. And NANÉE? Sitting at home baking biscuits. "Cookies & Concert" was the name of her successful concert streaming format. She also used the time to expand her involvement as a body revolution activist, developing her own first 'IchBinPerfektWieIchBin - Challenge', among other things. Today, she is also on the road as a speaker. NANÉE's steps have become bigger. She wants to go further, wants to get out there with her music, her very own sound.


She has learned to go her own way. She is still doing it. Only now she can put this feeling into words and melodies. From 29 October, we'll know what that sounds like. The video will also be released with the new single. "In times of increasing racism, exclusion and the formation of fronts, I want to open people's eyes to the fact that MITEINANDER is much more enriching than Gegeneinander." This sign does not come across as lecturing or morally sour, but good-humoured, with a driving beat. Get out, dance, be with yourself. "Laughter is the most beautiful language in the world and colourful is the most beautiful colour."


NANÉE's path also leads to the stage, of course, she has a few more concerts planned this year. The single "Geh Deinen Weg" will be followed by the EP "Tausend Farben" (VÖ 11.02.2022), a homage to the diversity of life. Aren't it precisely the scars that make us unique? The ones that sometimes bring out what hurts us inside? Supposed weaknesses become strengths in NANÉE's songs. Emotional, never cheesy, urgent. She has convinced her community with this mixture and financed her EP through crowdfunding. It is an important milestone for the artist NANÉE. She left nothing to chance in the production. Manne Uhlig, also producer and drummer of GLEIS 8, is at her side as producer. The EP marks a station in the development of a musician who breaks away from the clichés of German pop and dares to tell personal stories in her songs. As she sings in her new single, "It's never too late, go your own way!

Press images

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Photos: Elena Zaucke Photography

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Fotos: Elena Zaucke Photography


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