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""We are totally thrilled! ... A really great format! ... We had endless fun! ... and I would be happy if you could repeat this soon!"  (Andrea K., Elmshorn, 11/2020)

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"Spring awakening"
April 17, 2021 - 7 p.m. (MEST)
*Each ticket 1 raffle ticket
Among all guests I raffle 1 gift box Jös Makrönchen!
The draw will take place during the concert on 17.04. from 19.00 clock! The legal process is excluded.
Get your
ticket &
Be there when its time for:
"German soul pop meets poetry"
And let yourself be packed, carried away, motivated and touched 
by German Soul-Pop
and inspiring lyrics!
Special Streaming concert
with reading & sweet temptation**
**In sweet cooperation with Jös Makrönchen Hamburg
Get your ticket for a very special living room concert -
with soul pop & stories that hit you right in the heart !
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4.99 €

You receive your personal access link, you are happy that something is offered to you and you are happy to be part of it. So lean back, relax and enjoy!


€ 8.99


You see the love, the heart and soul and the effort that we invest to prepare you a nice evening!


In addition to your personal access link, you will receive all the stories I read as PDF


Cheers to you!


€ 12.99

Wow! You are amazing!

You don't just want to listen to music & enjoy our stories, you are a real support!

With your ticket you pave the way for me to the next song production!

In addition to your personal access link . & the PDF of all the stories to read, you will receive the link to the recording of the concert!

A thick virtual pusher is on your way!

Meet'n GreeT

€ 24.99

Wow! Here you get something very special!

In addition to all the benefits of the "Wegbereiter" ticket I invite you to a virtual meet'n greet after the concert live in my living room!


We chat comfortably and you can ask me anything you always wanted to know! ;-)


I look forward to toasting with you!

This is waiting for you:
That was "Cookies & Concert" 2020
The authors
After you have ordered your ticket, you will receive a secret access link to the NANÉE stage from me. The order and billing is being processed by Digistore24.
NANÉE in Konzert - Zweistimmig mit Bassist Stefan Bornhöft
  • German Soul-Pop with goosebumps moments & to dance

  • World premiere of the unreleased single "Tausend Farben" and listen to songs straight from my heart

  • You hear inspiring stories from known and unknown authors

  • You will learn about  NANÉEs secrets  

  • You chat with us interactively 

NANÉE in Konzert - Interaktion am Piano

Elke Bräunling

Editor, journalist, songwriter, ghostwriter, book author and blogger from the Odenwald region of Germany



Tyrolean artist, singer, songwriter, band leader & front woman of the pop-rock band "Jetzt und Wir" and initiator of "Stille Helden"


Heinz Erhardt

German comedian, musician, composer, entertainer, cabaret artist, actor and poet



Heinz Erhardt

Argentine author, psychiatrist and Bodytherapist.

(*1949 in Buenos Aires)


NANÉE - singer-songwriter from Hamburg is a 1.85 m tall bundle of energy. Authentic and with heart, her songs and deep voice, which is emotionally charged between soul, jazz and pop, hit you right in the heart.

As a Body®Evolution activist, the power woman born with the genetic defect CMN is committed to standing up for oneself and going your own way far from the norm.


Together with multi-instrumentalist Stefan Bornhöft (b, dr), she takes you on her way with German Soul Pop, ready to master all the challenges that life has in store.


From April 20, NANÉE begins the next step on her path. She wants to produce her next CD. Celebrating diversity instead of breaking from conformism - that's the theme of the 5-song CD "Tausend Farben". To be able to finance the production, NANÉE starts her crowdfunding on 4/20 and is looking forward to your support. How you can support her, you can find out here:


Press reviews:

Hamburger Morgenpost: 09/11/2020: "Her Soul-Pop is fun!"


BOOT in Hamburg: "A deep soul voice and authentic songs that get under your skin."


Look straight ahead! Do your thing! Go your way!

The order and billing is being processed by Digistore24.

Photos © Grauton Studios / © Bernd Hellwage


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