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"We are absolutely thrilled! ... A really great format! ... We had endless fun! ... and I would be happy if you could repeat that soon!" (Andrea K., Elmshorn, 11/2020)

“I thought it was a really, really great idea and it was a really great evening! ... The combination with the stories was great! ... I can only advise you to do it live! " (Lysann B. from Hamburg)


Cookies & Concert

The special concert experience to dream and enjoy
Do it yourself with us at Cookies & Tea & a crackling open fire and we spice your evening with an emotional one Soul pop,
inspiring readings and funny anecdotes.
April 17, 2021
6.30 p.m.
Virtual feel-good concert
with reading & sweet temptation
* Each ticket = 1 lot!
I am giving away 1 of 2 limited NANÉE packages consisting of 1 NANÉE CD "Go your way!" & original & homemade NANÉE cookies. 🍪
The winners will be drawn during the concert on November 7th. from 6.30 p.m.!
The judges' decision is final!
Now ticket
to back up &
1 of 2
NANÉE packages
Get your ticket for a very special living room concert - with soul pop & stories that hit you right in the heart !


€ 3.99

You receive your personal access link, you are happy that something is offered to you and you are happy to be part of it. So lean back, relax and enjoy!


€ 7.99


You see the love, the passion and the effort that we invest to play for you and to prepare you a nice evening!

In addition to your personal access link, you will receive my grandma's secret cookie recipe!

Cheers to you and enjoy it!


€ 12.99

Wow! You are amazing!

You don't just want to listen to music & enjoy our stories, you are a real support!

With your ticket you pave the way for my first album production!

In addition to your personal access link . & my grandma's secret cookie recipe , you will receive the link to the recording of the concert afterwards !

A thick virtual pusher is on your way!

Meet'n GreeT

€ 24.99

Wow! Here you get something very special!

After the concert I invite you to a virtual meet'n greet ive in my living room!

We chat comfortably via zoom & a glass of champagne and you can ask me anything you always wanted to ask me!

In addition to your personal access link . & my grandma's secret cookie recipe , you will receive the link to the recording of the concert afterwards !

I look forward to toasting with you!

The order and billing takes place via Digistore24.
What awaits you:
After you have ordered your ticket, you will receive a secret access link to the NANÉE stage from me. The order and billing takes place via Digistore24.
NANÉE in Konzert - Zweistimmig mit Bassist Stefan Bornhöft
  • We make ourselves comfortable with cookies and tea

  • You listen to songs with stories straight from my heart, full of energy and goosebumps moments

  • You hear reflective & funny stories with depth

  • You will learn anecdotes from the NANÉE box

  • You chat with us at tea & via chat

NANÉE in Konzert - Interaktion am Piano

NANÉE - singer-songwriter from Hamburg is a 1.85 m high bundle of energy. Authentic and with heart, the power woman, born with the gene defect CMN , calls on you to stand by yourself and go your own way far from the norm.

Together with multi-instrumentalist Stefan Bornhöft (b, dr), she takes you on her way with German soul pop, ready to master all the challenges life has in store.

Press reviews:

Hamburger Morgenpost: 09/11/2020: "Your soul-pop is fun!"

BOOT in Hamburg: "A deep soul voice and authentic songs that get under your skin."

Look straight ahead! Do your thing! Go your way!

The order and billing takes place via Digistore24.

Photos © Grauton Studios / © Bernd Hellwage


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