And that's just the beginning

A warm Moin Moin, I am NANÉE - singer-songwriter from Hamburg. I love dry humour, truthfulness and out of stones in the way of building a road. 
Believe in yourself! Do your thing! and go your way!

For me, these are encouraging words to make your dreams come true. Dreams of a world in which everyone is accepted as he/she is. No matter how we came into the world. In my songs I tell about it. I talk about body positivity, about the courage to accept yourself as you are.
Because in a world in which it still all too often depends on outward appearances, such as even skin and perfect proportions, especially those who fall out of the beauty grid and do not meet the norm have a hard time. Those who are too big, too small, too thick, too thin, or, like me, born with a rare genetic defect.

But, what is "the ideal of beauty" anyway? 

This "ideal image" of man, created by social norms and the media. How much can you believe it? I'm just saying: Rubens vs. skinny models. And how much should you chase after such different images, depending on time and culture, to feel good? Wouldn't it be much nicer to like yourself? if you could free yourself from what others think of you? 
"Be proud of who you are and not ashamed of how others see you." ( unknown)
For me it was a long way, but today I have finally arrived at myself, my body and what I love - music. That was not always the case. Because my genetic defect CMN leads to the fact that the pigment cells of my skin are not evenly distributed over the whole body, but form a living pattern with hundreds of birthmarks of all sizes. As a teenager this meant that I was often stared at, bullied and marginalized. I felt torn between the desire to live my music and the desire to be invisible in order to escape the stares. Which was no easy task with a height of 1.85 m. 😉

In the end, music was and is my most important catalyst to become who I am today. A metamorphosis from a shy teenager who played keyboard in the school band with soft knees - and then left the band because I couldn't bear to be in the center of attention, to someone who wants to touch, encourage and inspire people with her music and history.
The moment that started it all was when I lived in San Francisco for 6 months in 2004 and a friend asked me if I would like to accompany him to a gospel service of the San Francisco Glide Church. I expected a boringly dusty service with music, where everybody would sit in their benches and listen. But not with the Glide Church Choir! Not only did it unite people of different ages, social classes, with and without handicap, but it also spread an irrepressible enthusiasm and joy of life, so that after a short time nobody could be kept in their seats. We sang, celebrated life, love and tolerance and I knew: music is my way! 
I took this enthusiasm back to Hamburg and entered the Hamburg stages with the soul and gospel choir "50 VOICES", for example in the Fabrik, Laeitzhalle or Schmidt's Tivoli. I loved the thrill when I went on stage and after my first solo performances, the thrill of standing in front did not let go of me. I left the choir, became lead singer in my first cover band and was totally absorbed in experimenting with blues, pop, jazz and soul.

Until 2015, when my long-standing relationship went to shit. That was the moment when, sunk in lovesickness, I reached for paper and pencil for the first time and wrote my first own songs. It helped me to clear up the chaos of my feelings and to look ahead again. Unfortunately I had to realize that my band at that time preferred covering songs rather than writing own songs. My little world collapsed for me, but I got up and decided to stand on my own feet!

NANÉE was born! I looked for a guitarist with new motivation and I never thought that in the end it would be the good old bulletin board to which I owe my first band member. With guitarist Jörg Mielack and my mixture of singer-songwriter, German pop and rock, we not only conquered the stages of Hamburg and Northern Germany, but also released our first EP after only 2 years. And I have a desire for more! You want to know how the story continues? Then accompany me on my way! And follow me on to NANÉE News and I'll invite you 1-2 times a month to take a look behind the scenes and for example to listen exclusively to new songs. 
I am looking forward to you! 
And until then:
Stay true to your dreams and let yourself grow wings!