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und das ist gut so!

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I am incredibly happy! Because, after more than 1 year of work, laughter, despair, confidence and goosebumps, the time has finally come!

"TAUSEND FARBEN" sees the light of day!

This EP is my personal outburst of courage! The result of my very own revolution:

5 songs that invite you to break out and pause, and to celebrate life with all its facets.

If you want to enjoy the songs including a lovingly designed booklet, click the button below, visit my shop and feel free to follow me wherever you listen to music!

Thank you for your support and enjoy!

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung durch das Nävus Netzwerk Deutschland e.V.
Want to know how you can best react to stupid remarks and others make you think of independent? You feel comfortable in your skin?
Or do you want to give your child the tools
to love yourself as it is?
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Du möchtest dabei sein und keine Episode verpassen? Dann trage dich bei meinen NANÉE News ein und erfahre als Erste/r, wenn es etwas Neues gibt.

Sei dabei!

Über die Autorin 


I'm NANÉE - singer-songwriter with the genetic defect CMN . I am a self-confident power woman and love to be on stage and to touch people with my songs.

But until then, it was a long way .

With a genetic defect through which my pigment cells form a lively pattern of hundreds of moles and a height of 1.85 m, the topic of body positivity and “being accepted for who I am” accompanies me for a lifetime.

For a long time I asked myself the questions "Who am I?" And "What actually makes me special?"

The experiences on my own path from the insecure and preferably invisible wallflower to the self-confident woman and singer who is on stage with CMN are my motivation to help all those with large or small external visual peculiarities, self-confidently through life and their own path to go.

Be it that you find yourself too tall, too small, too fat, too thin, or, like me, born with a rare genetic defect, such as CMN, Vitiligo or fire stains. I invite you to benefit from the knowledge about body positivity (body acceptance) and self-love that I have gained over the years!

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